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Best Paper

Over My Hand: Using a Personalized Hand in VR to Improve Object Size Estimation, Body Ownership, and Presence

Sungchul Jung, Gerd Bruder, Pamela J. Wisniewski, Christian Sandor, Dr. Charles E Hughes

Honorable Mention Paper

Pocket6: A 6DoF Controller Based On A Simple Smartphone App

Teo Babic, Harald Reiterer, Michael Haller

Best Short Paper

Step Detection for Rollator Users with Smartwatches

Denys J.C. Matthies, Marian Haescher, Suranga Nanayakkara, Gerald Bieber

Honorable Mention Short Paper

Injecting Nonverbal Mimicry with Hybrid Avatar-Agent Technologies: A naïve approach

Daniel Roth, David Mal, Christian Felix Purps, Peter Kullmann, Marc Erich Latoschik

Best Demo

Using Whole-body Gestures for Interactive Slackline Training

Florian Daiber, Felix Kosmalla, Christian Murlowski, Antonio Krüger

Honorable Mention Demo

MagicPAPER: An Integrated Shadow-Art Hardware Device Enabling Touch Interaction on Kraft paper

Sirui Wang, Jiayuan Wang, Qin Wu

Best Poster

Haptic Interface Using Tendon Electrical Stimulation: Evaluation of the Effectiveness on Multimodal Presentation

Akifumi Takahashi, Kenta Tanabe, Hiroyuki Kajimoto

Keynote Speakers


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