Alex Olwal

Alex Olwal is a Senior Research Scientist at Google. After having joined Google [x], he later founded the Interaction Lab in Google Hardware, leading research and development of interactive technologies based on advancements in display technology, real-time sensing, actuation, soft electronics, interactive textile, wearables, and human-computer interaction.

Alex is specifically interested in tools, techniques and devices that enable new interaction concepts for the augmentation and empowerment of human abilities. This includes interaction techniques, augmented/mixed reality, ubiquitous computing, as well as novel interfaces for medical imaging.

Alex received his Ph.D. from KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, with parts of his research conducted at Columbia University, University of Santa Barbara - California, and Microsoft Research. He continued his research as a postdoctoral fellow at the MIT Media Lab. He has also worked as a faculty at Rhode Island School of Design, Affiliate Faculty at KTH, and most recently as a Lecturer at Stanford University.

Fusing Interfaces with Matter, Humans and Machines

Advances in the past century have resulted in unprecedented ac- cess to empowering technology, with user interfaces that typically provide clear distinction and separation between environments, technology and people. The progress in recent decades indicates, however, inevitable developments where sensing, display, actuation and computation will seek to integrate more intimately with matter, humans and ma- chines. This talk will explore some of the radical new challenges and opportunities that these advancements imply for next-generation interfaces.